About Our Name

St. Ninian is the person who is credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland through the establishment of a monastery at Whithorn in Galloway in 397 CE, over 1600 years ago. From this monastery, Ninian and his monks traveled throughout southern and eastern Scotland spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the Pictish people who were thought by some Roman Christians to be beyond the realm of God. The evangelism seemed to be one of leading an exemplary Christian life and reaching out to the people in love, healing and care, while having the great Celtic love for the natural world. The monastery at Whithorn, Candida Casa, became known as a place of hospitality and great learning.

As a Community, we try to reflect St. Ninian in reaching out to those who are thought by some to be beyond the realm of God, specifically those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-, and questioning communities. Following the example of Christ, we reach out in healing, love, and care to God's children.

As a community we value the earth and the beauty of God's creation. We struggle to be a learning and growing community as we reflect on God's Word and action.