Our Mission

The Community of Saint Ninian is a Christian covenant community in Knoxville, Tennessee. Members of the Community have agreed to meet together for worship, prayer, study, and service. It is the desire of these persons to provide a space in their lives for God to dwell, as well as to seek a dwelling place in God for their lives.

We provide worship, continuing spiritual growth and Christian education for members, guests, and those interested.

In addition, we provide an opportunity for learning and living in a covenantal Christian community. Through active participation in community life, we open a space for the development of loving relationships within the Community.

Following the example of Christ, we reach out in love, healing and care to all God’s children.

As we are led and called, we support various justice initiatives, particularly those in support of the LGBTQI+ community. We understand this to be an essential function of our Christian discipleship.

As a Community, we value the earth and the beauty of God’s creation.

We struggle to be a learning and growing Community, reflecting on God’s word and action.

The Community pursues the mission of hospitality (and particularly, care for those experiencing homelessness) through association with Family Promise of Knoxville. Family Promise helps homeless families with children achieve sustainable independence. They provide temporary housing in churches as well as other services including a day center with laundry facilities, bathrooms, internet connections and study and play space for Children. There is a professional case management staff to develop an individualized plan for each family to address the factors that led to their homeless and to build the skills needed to find and maintain housing. Families are also linked to social services, employment possibilities, education and job skills training, health care, day care and any needed services. Follow-up services help prevent a return to homelessness. The Community of St. Ninian is a "support congregation" including providing meals and overnight hosting in cooperation with a host congregation. Family Promise welcomes families with gay/lesbian parents and participation from gay-friendly groups such as the Community of St. Ninian.

In addition, he Community continues to provide financial assistance to individuals who fall within the Community’s understanding of its mission, and financially supports non-profit and charity groups that are aligned with its ministry.